Wednesday, December 13, 2006

End of year meme!

What a fun meme! I saw it over at Brazen Hussy's place... (all the first sentences from each month of 2006 from your blog). What a stroll down memory lane.

January 2006: I am very lucky to be at a university where they allow untenured faculty a one-semester break from teaching.
February 2006: Well, I thought I better not let it get to be one month since I last posted, so I'm here to give you an update of my teaching-free semester.
March 2006: March seems to sneak up on me every year, since February is so short- I guess.
April 2006: I got home late Sunday night and am dealing with a nice case of jet lag (or maybe I'm just tired) and trying to get my act together.
May 2006: D was sick all weekend with a sore throat and fever. I took her to the ER on Friday night to check for strep, since I didn't want to wait all weekend.
June 2006: Seeking Solace had another meme over at her place:
July 2006: What a contrast between my days a couple of weeks ago and my days right now!
August 2006: I have a teaching question for all of you: I am teaching a class in the fall that I have taught several times.
September 2006: Is this supposed to make me feel better??? See this if you don't understand.
October 2006: Wow.
November 2006: A sampling of emails I have received in the last week...
December 2006: I am looking for creative ideas to cover about two weeks of class next semester when I will be out west at two conferences.

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