Monday, December 04, 2006

More teaching advice?

I am looking for creative ideas to cover about two weeks of class next semester when I will be out west at two conferences. I have a 100-level class (gen ed), where I will have my TA show a video (that I show anyway) and will likely ask a colleague to do a guest lecture. My questions are: do you have other ideas? I also have a senior/grad-level class to cover during that time, so I am looking for ideas there, too. Other potential ideas I have are: on-campus lectures related to course (although this is unlikely to work for the upper-level course), or some kind of online content to keep them busy. Any thoughts would be appreciated. And yes- I am procrastinasting by planning for NEXT semester. I have a lot of trips planned (and potentially more will arise), so I am going to be in need of creative class-covering ideas! I should be in grading jail, but haven't started yet... Maybe tonight!


Seeking Solace said...

One of the things I do in my Critical Thinking and Law classes is a mini debate. I give them a topic and some articles on both sides of the issue. Then, I have them divide into teams. Each team has to come up with three arguements in support of their issue. Then the students go back and forth, discussing and arguing the issue. Then end result is an essay in which they discuss both sides of the issue as well as their own thoughts.

My students enjoy it. I have also used a substitute instructor and it has worked out.

Dr. Crazy said...

Well, this won't work for two full weeks, but I'd be inclined to give the upper-level students a fairly major independent project, for which they would need the time to read/research/complete the assignment. Then, when you came back, you could have the assignments come due and/or have them give presentations. I think you could definitely justify cancelling one week of class for such a thing. Perhaps in the other week line up colleagues to do guest lectures?