Thursday, June 01, 2006

More HOT weather blogging

Seeking Solace had another meme over at her place:

How do you cope with hot weather? Two words: AIR CONDITIONING
When does the heat make you most crazy? When I've parked my car in the sun all day, it feels like an oven and it takes 20 minutes for the A/C to cool it off.
Your favorite hot weather music? Something loud and fun.
Where do you go to get air conditioning? My house, my car, my office, stores, etc.
Your favorite place to sleep in hot weather? My bed with the ceiling fan cranked up.
Your favorite hot weather food? Anything cold: salads, smoothies, etc.
Your favorite people to visit in the hot weather? I DON'T visit people without A/C.
Your favorite way to wear your hair in the hot weather? UP!
Your favorite hot weather drink? Anything cold: iced lattes, iced tea, WATER.
Your hot weather story? When I lived in Tucson, there was one really hot day (well, there were many). My friend and I were driving down Speedway Blvd. and knew that a bank with a thermometer was coming up, so we watched for the temperature. It was malfunctioning and reported a temperature of 155°F! We laughed our heads off, because it seemed like was 155°F!
Is hot weather good for anything? Reminding me why I no longer live in Tucson.

Well, it looks like relief is coming. Out forecast high for today is 78°F! Hallelujah! I was out in the woods with some students and colleagues yesterday and came back to the office drenched in sweat- we're going out again tomorrow, so the cooler weather will certainly be a nice change...

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