Sunday, July 02, 2006

Hectic part of summer

What a contrast between my days a couple of weeks ago and my days right now! We've completed one of six weeks of summer session and I'm feeling good about the class this time. They seem like a good group of students- nobody stands out as "I-am-going-to-be-a-pain" at least. The class is a freshman-level general education course, which is full of first- and second-year students during the semester. During summer, it is mostly seniors who have put off this particular science course requirement until the last possible minute in their college careers. I teach the class in the same general way during summer, leaving out videos I usually show (due to time constraints), and shortening labs here and there. The first exam is already next Thursday! I know the class is probably excruciating to some of them- especially business school students who don't care about this particular topic and how this "foundation course" is wasted on them at the senior level, but it's their own fault for waiting to take it!

The other things occupying my time right now are:
  1. working with undergraduate researchers (I've mentioned this before), which is directly tied to
  2. revising a proposal for another submission. One of the proposals I submitted back in February was not funded and we trying a different agency (due July 9th). We still haven't heard about the other February proposal
  3. NOT working on my paper- who am I kidding? With the other things happening right now, there's not much time for other work. I'm hoping things will settle down after this coming week and I can get back to it. It REALLY needs to be submitted before the Fall semester starts
  4. Oh yeah- let's not forget the other paper that I am NOT revising right now!
  5. watching World Cup with H- at least we get a couple days off before the next round
Next week, I'll have to write about the annoying things going on around campus right now- construction and maintenance, etc. Today, I am trying to get some work done for the proposal revision- it's too hot and muggy to leave the divine A/C today anyway. Oh yeah- I just got a new mobile phone- it was FREE when I renewed a my wireless service for two more years. Love those high-tech toys! My old phone was pretty basic, so I am enjoying playing with the new one.

BTW- I love the photo meme going around right now, but am too busy to do much with it. If you have any requests, let me know and I'll see what I can work in over the next few days. As with others- anything too revealing is OUT!

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