Monday, May 01, 2006

Monday, Monday... UPDATE #2

D was sick all weekend with a sore throat and fever. I took her to the ER on Friday night to check for strep, since I didn't want to wait all weekend. After 3.5 hours (we were there for about 2 hours before we saw the doctor), the rapid test came back negative. They did a culture, which also turned up no strep. She was in bed all weekend, though. She seems better today, but is staying home to make a full recovery. Since she is here, I will probably not accomplish too much. H has to go give an exam this evening (it's finals week), so it will just be the two of us (D & me) for dinner. Here's my plan for today:
  1. take a walk (I'm going for 3 days a week minimum) DONE: 3.61 miles today
  2. print out letters of rec for student DONE
  3. pick articles for summer RA I'm struggling with this one. I need to pick 1-2 articles for this person to read to get ready to work with me this summer. Unfortunately there isn't just one paper out there that covers exactly what I need it to. I am mulling over a few and will just pick one or two later (and write accompanying caveats to cover them!) DONE
  4. e-mail articles from #3 to colleague see #3 update DONE
  5. work on that $%&! paper(!) ggrrr. Maybe I can get up early tomorrow like I keep planning... This will be #1 on the to-do list tomorrow.
I'm still not getting up early enough- I'll have to start forcing myself out of bed if I want to get anything accomplished.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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Seeking Solace said...

I have to start dragging myself out of bed too. Usually, the dog only lets me sleep until 8 AM.