Monday, May 01, 2006

21 things about me...

I've been tagged by Seeking Solace...

I am a vegetarian (for over 14 years, now).
I want to feel less stressed out.
I wish I had accomplished more this semester (since I was not teaching).
I hate when I yell at my daughter.
I love my little family (H&D).
I miss my brother (we had such fun together as kids, but now he lives 2000 miles away).
I fear flying (I love the view from up there, but feel very uneasy).
I hear birds chirping outside (& sometimes peacocks, too- really!)
I wonder when people will take global warming seriously.
I regret
not appreciating the time I lived within driving distance of my extended family (they are all 2-3 time zones away now).
I am not a very serious person (most of the time).
I dance only if I have consumed massive quantities of alcohol.
I sing in the car.
I cry rarely (sad movies can set me off, though).
I am not always patient.
I make with my hands my daughter's school lunches (I find inspiration over at the Vegan Lunch Box).
I write academic papers, proposals, e-mails, & several blogs.
I confuse my mother-in-law when I speak too quickly and don't enunciate (I'm really bad- it's not her!)
I need to finish that $%&! paper SOON!
I should stop procrastinating and get to the three items left on my to-do list for today!
I start teaching summer session in eight weeks.
I finish my research-only time in five weeks (when we go on family vacation).
I tag Deb & Dr. Crazy (if she ever reads my blog!)


Deb said...

Done! (Thanks for tagging me.)

(And thanks for reminding me not to take for granted my in-driving-distance family!)

divine oasis said...

one day i'll get on a plane.

ah, i also suffer from speaking too fast sometimes. gotta make sure i enunciate, always.

thanks for sharing.

peace, love and balance.

Addy N. said...

oh- I fly all the time. I think my fear is rooted in my "control freak" issues... as if I could fly a plane!

Seeking Solace said...

I used to be a vegetarian until I developed rheumatoid arthritis. So, I follow a Mediterranean diet which consists of no red meat, some chicken and fish, and lots of veggies and red wine.

Addy N. said...

Seeking Solace: That sounds like a good diet! I am actually trying to lose some weight right now and have been on the South Beach Diet for a week. I haven't lost any weight, but seem to have lost any tolerance for sugar (or just noticed that I never had any in the first place!). They recommend drinking red wine, too. I guess I better go get some!