Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Back to work... soon!

I got home late Sunday night and am dealing with a nice case of jet lag (or maybe I'm just tired) and trying to get my act together. The daylight savings switch didn't help matters, effectively giving me a 4-hour time change. It was a great conference- I think I should be sure to go next year, too. I'm done with conferences for the semester, but still have one more trip coming up (for my daughter's spring break).

I've really got to crack down and get some papers written! So what am I doing instead? Well- I'm not being completely unproductive or procrastinating (really). I did laundry yesterday (but am not quite finished), ran some errands with H (husband), and partially unpacked. Today, I DID OUR TAXES! It took me all morning, but they are done! I am very happy, too because we are actually getting a small refund on our federal return. It's almost completely cancelled out by what we owe the state, but at least we don't have a net loss this year. We've been having an accountant do our taxes the last couple of years, but we're tired of the $300 fee which is not getting us any good customer service anyway. I used Turbotax and it was pretty user-friendly. I haven't submitted yet, but everything is filled out. I'll still have to pay them, but it will be much cheaper than the unhelpful accounting firm!

OK- I better get ready- it's almost time to pick up D (daughter) from school!

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Seeking Solace said...

Turbo Tax is awesome. Plus, you can deduct the cost of the software!