Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thursday UPDATE

What I need to do today:
  1. exercise! DONE -- I walked about 3 miles
  2. organize files to finish that paper In PROGRESS
  3. find articles to cite in that paper In PROGRESS

I'll let you know how it goes. It's not an ambitious list, but my work days are numbered. D's spring break starts next Friday, and I have to go into the department tomorrow, so I need to get cracking. The weather yesterday was no help whatsoever. It was sunny and about 60°F, so I really wanted to be outside. It's cloudy today and supposed to storm later...

UPDATES: #2 & #3 are going to be IN PROGRESS until tomorrow, since I realized that I need to sort through some files in my office, too. However, I won't have much time tomorrow, since I have a student meeting at 11:00, lunch with a friend, faculty meeting at 1:30, pick up D at 3:30, and need to write some letters of recommendation, too. Maybe I'll wake up early?? Or get some work done this evening...


Seeking Solace said...

Good for you for making exercise a priority!!!

Addy N. said...

ha- that's funny that you made that comment. I only put exercise first because I have been neglecting it so badly! With the traveling I've been doing it's been really difficult to stick to any sort of routine. I walk for exercise and did it MUCH more often last Fall when I was teaching three classes! I need to get back on Eastern time, so I can walk early in the morning again... take care!