Monday, September 07, 2009

Two weeks in

So much for getting back to blogging more regularly. Things have been hectic as I anticipated with my 5-day-a-week teaching schedule, but I have been pretty organized and kept on top of All Things Teaching. Research has taken a back burner, as usual, but I have an awesome new research assistant this year, so I feel good about the prospects of accomplishing something on that front this year. Here are some highlights (or lowlights) of the first two weeks:

  • Attendance has been surprisingly good in my Big Freshman Course. I haven't been taking attendance, but the room seems pretty full so far. This surprises me, because I am not keeping track of who shows up for the first time AND my lectures are posted on Blackboard. Whether this holds for the whole semester, we shall see.
  • Small College Town U changed class times this fall and it seems to have reduced traffic (both people and cars) and parking issues on campus. It's been a little confusing adjusting to 9:05 and 11:15, but I'm enjoying the way that things seem less crowded between classes. I think that schedules are more staggered now, so that that it's not EVERYONE out of class between 9:50 and 10:00 on MWF. We had some construction finish up, so more parking is available, but I think the schedule change has also helped.
  • I turned 39 last week. It was anticlimactic in many ways, which is fine- I don't really make a big things about birthdays and H is particularly low key, too. I had to teach that day, but went out for lunch with friends. I ended up cooking dinner, because I didn't want to go out again- especially since H and I had a date night planned for Friday night. Unfortunately, date night had be cancelled (see next bullet). H bought me a new mp3 player to replace my ancient Creative Zen Micro from many years ago, and my mom sent tea, and a vegan soul food cookbook. I can't wait to make something from it! I love the idea of celebrating more, but H isn't much of a planner, so I have to do everything myself. At least I got to blow out candles at lunch that day (on a brownie).
  • I guess it's only fitting that the official end of summer involved a trip to the ER, like the beginning of summer did, but I sure don't enjoy it when D gets injured. This time, she fell off of some playground equipment at school and hurt her knee. The ER people x-rayed it (nothing broken) and told us it was a contusion- she would be on crutches for two or three days. Well, she fell on Friday and it's Monday. Almost 72 hours since the fall and she still can't put any weight on her leg. I am going to call the orthopedist tomorrow to have her checked again. In the mean time, she has already missed a day and half of school in the first two weeks (one day for a cold, the half day when she fell). I really hate for her to miss any more! This injury also means that she can't go up and down the stairs of our house without help, she can't shower, or carry anything herself. She certainly won't be riding the bus to and from school for a while, either.
So, that's how things are going. We've been stuck at home all weekend, but I haven't gotten a lot of work done, since it's hard to concentrate. I hope D will be up and around soon!!


EcoGeoFemme said...

Poor D! What bad luck.

Interesting that changing the schedule could make such a difference. I wonder why more schools don't do the same. Does the staggering make it hard for students to schedule several classes on the same day?

Addy N. said...

I don't know about student scheduling, but I'm guessing the U wouldn't do it if it made things HARDER for students! They are being more flexible about MW only classes, rather than just T/TH, so I'm thinking that maybe more people are doing MW for twice a week classes.