Monday, December 18, 2006

Fall 2006 Grades SUBMITTED!

I submitted my grades yesterday afternoon (with almost 24 hours to spare!) btw- for a great post on grading, check out Mel's Xtreme Grading Championships! I now have three weeks until Spring semester starts. In that time, I need to:
  • finish Xmas stuff last-minute shopping, shipping gifts to family out west, cards, etc.
  • revise my conditionally accepted paper
  • plan my classes for next semester I am changing texts in my freshmen course and want to try out more interactive teaching methods
  • get some research done- I have two three conferences late in the spring
So, it really won't be much of a "break". Oh yeah- my tenure package goes out to external reviewers in May and my annual report is due in January. Oh yeah- I also have a proposal to revise for January 5th and .... ! And my daughter will be out of school for two of the next three weeks!



Anonymous said...

Cheers to you for finishing grading and leaving Grading Hell!

Mel's X-treme grading was a hoot!

Anonymous said...