Sunday, December 17, 2006

More gems (updated)

From a student in an upper-level course who will begin student-teaching SOCIAL STUDIES next month, on comparing a particular event in the U.S. versus Japan (on the final exam):

...Japan is more of a less developed country...

Is s/he aware of the strength of the Yen compared to the $US???

AND from a student who rarely made it to class:

Japan had not experienced as many earthquakes in the past as California.

I think most people walking around are aware that Japan has a lot of earthquakes- I'm glad s/he took so much away from my class (like a crappy grade!)



grad student hack said...

I quite enjoyed marking the 4th year exam of a classical theory student that stated, with much gravity, how important the communists and the Russian Revolution were in helping Marx form his ideas. This was on the final for a year long course which covered, in large part, Marx's work and place in history. Sweet.

Addy N. said...

Welcome, grad student hack! Wow- that is pretty good. What are we supposed to make of these people?? I guess it really is possible to take a course and learn NOTHING- especially if you don't even show up! What's even scarier is when they show up and STILL don't learn anything.

grad student hack said...

Thanks Addy, I got here via Bardiac, I think. I honestly don't know what to think. Sometimes I despair a bit, but the one I mentioned always makes me laugh when I think about it. Happy end of term!