Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Gifts

My grandma sent this:

From Grandma

And today, this arrived from my mom (most of those gifts under the tree are also from her!):

From Mom

The penguin-snowman thing plays music and the little penguins shake real jingle bells. D is quite taken with it and I'm surprised that the cat isn't afraid of it! I also got a package of homemade cookies from my stepdad in the mail today. It's all just a reminder that I haven't mailed anything yet! I did order some yummy treats from Zingerman's that are being shipped directly to family and friends, but I still have other gifts to mail!



Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

My mom gave us that penguin-snowman thing! I usually hate stuff like that (they're usually waaaay too loud for my tastes) but I haven't been tempted to chuck it out the window yet when our oldest boy plays it. I actually think the penguins are kind of cute when they jingle their bells.

Addy N. said...

Hi APL: My grandma ALWAYS send LOUD, battery-operated singing things for Halloween and Christmas. I usually find them very obnoxious, but agree that this one is actually pretty cute! I like how that little penguin has a bell on its tail. Thanks for the comment!