Sunday, August 07, 2011

We're back!

We've been home for about two weeks from our amazing trip to Very Distant Country and as usual, I'm having trouble getting myself back to work. I have managed to get a little syllabus revision done, but mostly my days have consisted of running errands, going out to eat, and playing Angry Birds. I have a lot to do before classes start in two weeks, but this time of the year is also a chance to get in dentist appointments, doctor's appointments (for all of us), school clothes shopping- since D has been outgrowing her clothes about three months after we buy them (she's almost 5'5" now), and a new routine for us- having her hair braided. She had it done in Very Distant Country, but since the women there are not as accustomed to her half-African hair, they didn't stay in very well. Yesterday, we went to the woman who does my sister-in-law's hair and spent the whole day there. D was in the chair for almost seven hours having her hair braided- it looks amazing and I'm hoping it lasts longer than what we had done in Very Distant Country. It took the entire day, though- we left here at 7:30 am to get my sister-in-law, then head to the other lady's house and got home about 8pm (after going out to dinner). D is vowing not to have it done again- but she said that last time too! We'll see.

I have posted a couple pictures from our trip below (click for larger ones)- those of you who know me on FB have seen these already. It was a great trip and we got to see H's home country and meet more of his aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. The weather was wonderful (July is the coolest month there) and the scenery and wildlife were spectacular. I'm already wondering when we go back- of course, the tickets are outrageously expensive to get there, so we may wait until 2013 to go back.

Enjoying Ocean D and I hadn't seen before.

Turns our Very Distant Country has lots of waterfalls- who knew?

In one of the many national parks.

One of the places we stayed (with hippos and crocodiles!)


Seeking Solace said...

Very cool pics. And, I love D's hair.

Addy N. said...

Thanks, Seeking Solace! :)