Thursday, April 30, 2009

Weathering the storm

It looks like the worst has past for D's braces pain. Yesterday was pretty awful for her (poor baby!) and H even picked her up a little early from school. This morning, she ate her usual breakfast and even wanted to go to school (I was going to keep her home from a field trip). I have not had a fabulous morning, myself. A splitting headache sent me back into bed for a while (this is my work-at-home day). It has subsided (thanks for ibuprofen), so I am going to have some lunch and get to my to-do list. Tomorrow is the last day of classes and I give my only in-class exam on Monday. I've got grading to do (with more coming in tomorrow), but it shouldn't be too overwhelming... I'll be so glad for the break from teaching!!

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Seeking Solace said...

So glad D is doing better. Here's to being done with the teaching part!