Monday, May 04, 2009

Preparing for grading jail

It's finals week here at Small College Town U and I'm giving my only in-class exam today. I have a pile of grading to do and have not had a lot of motivation to dig in so far. On Saturday, I was gone ALL DAY with D's Brownie troop on a trip to Capitol City's Fun Museum. Yesterday, I was mostly recovering from that and finalizing today's exam. I have various meetings this week for student committees, proposals, etc. and need to clean the house, because we are having an appraisal done on Thursday (for re-financing), then a meeting in Capitol City on Friday. I have a lot I want (need) to accomplish this summer and know that once D is out of school, I am pretty useless, so these next several weeks really need to be productive. I have managed to volunteer for some fun things and advising a summer research student, so I REALLY need to discipline myself. I also want to start exercising again, because that has fallen by the wayside and that's never a good thing. I'll probably try to start blogging some to-do lists to keep me motivated!


Seeking Solace said...

To do lists are good. Right now, my life is ruled by to do lists! :)

Hope grading jail isn't too taxing.

Unbalanced Reaction said...

Hope grading jail is treating you well. I put myself into a no alcohol jail until grades are turned in. It sucks! :-)