Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Things that have made me happy today:

  1. Arrested Development. How did I never get to see this show until now? They are showing it daily on HDNet, so I set my DVR. LOVE IT!
  2. Arlen Specter. What ever his reasons for switching parties- it's fine by me!
  3. Dancing with the Stars. I love that show. And I'm so glad that Melissa didn't get kicked off.
  4. My darling daughter. D got her braces on today. I know she'll be suffering the next few days, but she looks adorable- poor little pumpkin.
That is all. I'm just basking in the knowledge that classes are almost over and I can do lots of things besides teaching for a few months.


JustMe said...

oh yes, arrested development is SO awesome!!!

Albatross said...

AD is awesome. I watch old seasons every few months.

Having had braces myself (twice, for 7 years) I imagine it is difficult to see your child go through them. Best wishes to you and D!