Sunday, April 13, 2008

Back to work tomorrow

I was supposed to leave for Big Giant Conference tomorrow afternoon, but I will be missing it for the first time since 1997. What a bummer. I am giving an exam in my big freshman class tomorrow (the one with the needy students who post practically every question from the study guide on the Q&A page- why don't I just fill it out for them before posting it?) I'll have to lecture in my other class- I just realized this is my last week to really do much of anything, because they need to do presentations and I have a big class this time. I am way behind on things, too- like reading their project drafts so that they can revise them- I think that will be on Tuesday's work-at-home agenda. We have a candidate in for a visiting position tomorrow and I think I may be going to lunch with him/her. I think that I may also be meeting with the freshman advisee at some point. I'm not looking forward to such a long work day, but I don't see any way to avoid it. I already feel like I've dropped the ball on so many things over the last couple of weeks. Tuesday and Thursday are work-at-home days, Wednesday should be easy and short, so it's just tomorrow that will be bad. I hope. I should start working on Friday's lecture for the freshmen...


Will & Kate said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. Good luck with your tough week; you'll get through it!
take care,

luckybuzz said...

Sorry you have such a busy day coming up. Hope it goes quickly and easily and that you get a little rest in this week.