Wednesday, June 06, 2007

#301: RBoC

Oh no! I missed my 300th post and just did a silly quiz! Oh well. #301 is just as reflective. Here are some random bullets about my early summer lazy day:
  • My allergies are really driving me crazy. This time last year was also awful and this year is continuing the trend of having terribly itchy eyes that make me want to scratch out my eyeballs (see this if you don't remember my whining last year- they haven't been that bad here at home, but still pretty awful)
  • Our treadmill needs a new walking belt. I discovered this today when I went down to the basement, started an episode of the X-files, pushed start, and heard a really loud friction kind of sound that made me turn it off! I'm wondering whether I should brave OUTSIDE tomorrow (see previous bullet). It is also going be 90 here tomorrow, so I'll have to go early.
  • D had a end-of-year picnic at school today, so I packed her lunch with a veggie dog so that hers would match everyone else's. She said it was good- I love Smart Dogs.
  • It's hard to see my LCD screen here on the porch & I have it turned all the way up. Maybe newer laptops have better screens for sitting outside(?)
  • I'm inside now. I wrote again this morning (just over 400 words), so my paper is over 2000 words now. I will have to finish that last analysis step soon, so that I can write up the results. I also need to write about the literature. I have to go to the office tomorrow to meet a grad student, so I will have to be productive in the morning.
  • I got H a really lavish father's day gift this year. He probably spent close to that on my mother's day gift, so I guess it's OK! They came today, so I am hiding them in MM's room. I'm excited to see how cool they are!
  • D went to play at a friend's house after school, so I watched the last 1/2 hour of The Empire Strikes Back. I love Star Wars- especially the old school movies. I was actually kind of bored this afternoon! I didn't feel like working any more, MM was upstairs in her room, H was teaching, and I didn't want to start any new cleaning projects (I've been gradually cleaning out closets since the semester ended- I only have our bedroom closet left!)
  • I think we are going for a family walk in a bit. I hope my eyes aren't too excruciating tonight!


Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

Ooooooh, I want H's present.

Seeking Solace said...

Happy 301st Post!!

Nice gift for H! If he doesn't like it, can I have it??? :)

My allergies are driving me crazy too! It's supposed to get up to 81 tomorrow.

Arbitrista said...

The allergies have been kicking my ass every since I moved here. I feel sick all the time now. Sounds like they're bad everywhere this year. Probably because of global warming or something :(

Addy N. said...

Hi everyone! Yeah- allergies suck! It's so nice to know that pollen will only be increasing as atmospheric CO2 continues to increase- on top of the warming itself!