Friday, March 09, 2007

Trying not to go crazy

So I accomplished almost nothing yesterday- I downloaded and printed out a couple of articles and thought about the research I want to work on, but basically nothing got done (other than spending an hour on the treadmill and doing some laundry). I talked to my step-dad for probably an hour on the phone. He doesn't think that any arrangement that involves splitting up our family is a good idea- I have to agree, but it doesn't make it easy to turn down a job that I would actually like to have! I suspect that meeting with the dean will NOT make my decision any easier, but I think it's a good thing to do anyway, so that I have all the facts (or perception of the facts) before making a final decision. I've never turned down a job before- when I got the offer for my current job, I had already had two interviews that didn't turn into offers. Of course- I didn't have ANY job at that point, so my options were limited if I turned down any offers.

On a positive note- I am very excited about having my first blogger meet-up tomorrow with Dr. Brazen Hussy & Arbitrista! I'm sure pictures of feet and backs of heads will follow...

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Anonymous said...

ooh how exciting! a blogger meet-up. enjoy :)