Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring Break Update

Of my original list, I have accomplished everything I was supposed to do on Monday. Revising the paper was much more time-consuming than I imagined. I ended up doing additional analysis, then I wrote all the response to reviewers comments, etc. My co-authors are really on the ball, so we'll probably send in the revisions tomorrow (less than a week after getting the acceptance!). So it's certainly time well spent for a spring break! I thought I would be spending more time on the new research (for the conference next month), so that will be my plan for tomorrow. I am also going to have lunch with a friend, send off that application (I finished that one last night), and stop by my office to find a letter from a student (I hope that's where it is!)

I haven't been too productive in the afternoons, but I also don't feel like I've actually had a break- which is bad. Maybe if I am productive tomorrow, I can take Friday afternoon off and watch (or see) a movie. Or something. We'll see.

It's so warm here the last couple of days that I've got the ceiling fans on upstairs! Crazy March weather- I hope it doesn't snow this weekend like they're predicting. All of my bulbs are starting to emerge- I hope they bloom before I leave town for the conferences!

Thanks to everyone who posted comments about my job decision. I am feeling at peace at about now. I was explaining to one of my colleagues how the job would have meant that I was 45 minutes from my grandma's, a 6-hour drive from my mom's, and a 6-hour drive from my brother's. He said "and a 4-hour plane ride from your husband." That pretty much sums it up. I am still holding out some hope for dream job, but it could be the same agonizing decision all over again if I get an offer.


Ianqui said...

So here's my question. I just got a review back last week, and I basically finished it today. I'm always worried that that if I send it back too soon, then the editors and reviewers (to whom the revisions will be returned, I think) will think that I didn't spend enough time working on their precious comments. And then the paper will be rejected.

I also think that people take themselves way, way too seriously. They write as if their revisions are so extensive when really they're not a big deal at all.

Addy N. said...

Hi Ianqui: Well- you must be very efficient! This is the fastest I've turned a paper around, but when I think about it, it might also be who I wrote it with. All my dissertation papers were essentially solo-authored* so it was always up to ME to get the revisions done. It also helps that we got it back right before spring break. I have not encountered the problem you describe (of sending it back too soon). This paper is a shorter style of paper with what they considered minor revisions, so I'm sure they expect it back fairly quickly, anyway. Good luck with yours! Was it 'revise and resumbit' or 'accept with minor revisions'?

*I felt more like I had to contact my former adviser to get his permission to put his name on the changes! This is no slam on him, just the way it worked out.

JustMe said...

congrats to you for being productive!

the weather here is pretty odd as well, it feels like june!

Ianqui said...

It was "accept with revision"--according to the the language the reviewers used, I'm sure they thought it would take me forever, but when you really read the requests, they weren't that hard. And I've been working for 3 days straight, no breaks. I just want to get it done before I leave for AEC.

But I'm still going to sit on it until the end of the month, just in case.