Thursday, March 15, 2007

cold + dreary = no motivation

What happened to the sun? And the warm weather? Oh yeah- I don't live in Southern California, even though the last few days felt like it! It's only reaching the 40s today and it's raining and dark. blah... H left early this morning for a conference, so I'm on my own for the last few days of spring break (since D is in school this week). I thought this would be a great time to crank out some work, but I am feeling tired and unmotivated this morning. It must be the weather. I hate it when it's unseasonably warm, because the inevitable return of "normal" weather only feels that much worse when I was wearing flip-flops and cropped pants the day before. I guess I need a list to hold myself accountable for something today...
  1. read articles/chapters for conference research
  2. shower
  3. pick up music from D's piano teacher
  4. stop by post office to mail job application
  5. look for that student letter in my office
  6. have lunch with friend from work
  7. more work on conference research- look at data? more reading?
  8. try to ignore dirty house and resist vacuuming until this evening or tomorrow
  9. pick up D from school bus
I'm sure items #1 and #7 will be mixed with blog-reading and possibly napping (I tossed and turned all night and got up early with H). Can you believe March is half over already?? When did that happen?

ETA: Completed items are in green italics. Do you notice a theme here? I did everything that was NOT work-related! I also made an easy list, because most of things were not really hard or even requiring much effort. #3 is only partly finished because I need to go buy some sheet music tomorrow (one piece was missing). I took the afternoon off and watched Bob Roberts. I also sent off the final revised version of the paper. Tomorrow will have to involve some work on #1/#7, because it is sadly the last day of spring break. I also need to start working on some of the teaching tasks that I've been putting off all week... sigh.

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