Monday, March 12, 2007

Boring List Post

It's Spring Break and I need to get some crap done this week. With last week's job distractions I was just doing the minimum to keep my classes going. This week needs to be different. This week I need to:
  1. revise the accepted paper- I've already got feedback from co-authors (very dedicated students!), so I need to address the issues that are beyond their level of knowledge
  2. submit an application for another job- I'm still holding out hope for dream job, but this place could easily become the *new* dream job
  3. related to #1, I need to do some additional analysis to present at one of next month's conferences
  4. totally unrelated to 1, 2, or 3, I need to get some analysis done on some new research for the other April conference- it would be great if it could also become a paper, since I now have NOTHING in review
  5. toward the end of the week, I will have to start thinking about teaching again- I need to grade some labs and assignments, write an exam, read the next chapter in the text for my 1st-year class, prepare/revise lectures for both classes
Today, I will work on this sub-list:
  1. work on the paper revisions they're not done yet, but I've made some progress. I am still doing some additional analysis to include- this will also be helpful for #3 above
  2. call interview #2 and decline the offer (I have to wait until afternoon because they are three hours earlier than we are). I'll be glad when that is done see post above :(
  3. work on the job application- I need to take a slightly different angle to promote myself as the specialty they are looking for. I am actually in the right area, but I'm not sure if my record reflects that adequately or not. I didn't get to it yet, but maybe tonight I will work on it.
  4. walk on the treadmill- I missed Saturday because of the blogger meet-up, so I can make up lost exercise this week! DONE! (55 minutes of walking & movie-watching)
OK- now I have a to-do list for all the blogosphere to see- no slacking off now! Have a great week, everyone.

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