Sunday, March 11, 2007

Blogger Meet-Up!

Yay! I had my first blogger meet-up yesterday! H, D, & I drove to Capitol City of neighboring state to meet Dr. Brazen Hussy & Abitrista (whose previous blog name was much easier to type!) They were just as fun and nice in person as I had imagined from their blogs. I won't repeat everything that Dr. Brazen Hussy mentioned about the meet-up, so here are some other observations:
  • At lunch, D observed that three of us were wearing glasses. Only she and my non-blogging husband weren't wearing them- coincidence?
  • I wonder if Brazen noticed the lead deposit in my right foot. They followed us from lunch to the museum and I noticed I had to slow down to avoid losing them.
  • The weather was rainy in the morning, but the sun came out by the time we arrived in Capitol City- it was a great day to be out and about.
  • It was great to get out of Small College Town AND go somewhere different! They have a pretty cool art museum there, too.

Three bloggers, a non-blogger, and a little pumpkin...
Guess which one is which?

We all got along splendidly and spent plenty of time criticizing the U.S. government, organized religion, & all-things conservative. We'll definitely have to do it again!


Seeking Solace said...

How awesome! I bet D was the one with the cute red shoes!

Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

Hey, I didn't have any trouble keeping up! Sometimes dumb people got in my way, that's all. :)

SS - no, those are totally my shoes! :)

(What's the limit on smileys in a blog comment?)