Friday, May 12, 2006

My favorite walking weather

Those of you in the Midwest may think I am insane, but I am thrilled that it is only in the 50s today. I took a walk this morning (only 3 miles- I was more lethargic than I anticipated). I love that it's cold enough I can wear the shell from my winter coat, my favorite walking pants (their made for cold weather), and not come home dripping in sweat! It is awfully dreary looking and I may feel like napping later, but at least I can wear sweats and comfy socks today.

A while back some other bloggers were listing music from their mp3 players, so I thought I would talk a bit about mine today. I have a Creative Zen Micro, which I have been pretty happy with. I mostly just use it when I exercise (walk) and lately I've been listening to Al Franken podcasts during my walks. If you listen to his radio show, you know how there are so many commercials. I always listen to the podcasts the day after and they edit out all the ads! Each hour of the show is only 37 minutes of actual show! Unfortunately, the podcasts are no longer free, but I decided it was worth the $ to be able to avoid all those annoying ads- and they have pretty bad ones on Air America (aimed at people who are at home in the middle of day, because they are house wives, unemployed, or on disability from the sound of it). I think that listening to music during walks makes me walk faster, though. On Monday and Wednesday, I listened to music as I walked and I was faster- of course, this could be coincidence, but I will keep in eye on my pace on days I listen to talk vs. music.

Any other Al Franken listeners out there? I'll admit that I am a raging liberal (much to the dismay of my Republican mother), but I think Al does a good job- he isn't hateful, has excellent guests with interesting perspectives, and is also funny.

Today: 3.00 miles, 16:50 min/mile
Week: 11.07 miles, 16:18 min/mile (weekly average)


Deb said...

As another midwesterner, I don't think you're insane! I recently took up running again, and I *love* this weather for running: yesterday's run was the best one I've had in a while!

I think I might follow your lead and start blogging my running miles (though definitely not my speed--that'd be too embarrassing!)

Addy N. said...

Deb: Good for you- I wish I could run. I used to jog about 10 years ago, but gave up after I moved to Arizona (it was too hot, there!) Now, I am just too out of shape. If I ever lose some weight, I might start up again. I don't know that my walking speeds are NOT embarassing- I guess I am assuming that most people don't know how fast people walk! I've never been able to get much below a 16:00 minute mile when walking. I work up a pretty good sweat when I keep to the 16:00 pace- especially when there are hills!

Deb said...

Hey, as long as you work up a sweat, then I say you're doing well! At least that's my philosophy.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

I think 50s is perfect summer weather... of course, that means I need to move to Candada.. oh well :).

Addy N. said...

Hi Philosopher: I often think that I should also move to Canada. Of course, it would have to be the west coast, because I don't like lots of snow, either! I actually think my ideal weather doesn't even exist anywhere on earth! Low humidity, winters mild enough to have minimal snow, summers cool enough to stay below 75!