Thursday, April 13, 2006

Work time is running out

My afternoon is short because of the ultrasound (then I have to pick up D at school), so this morning is my only chance to get some work done. However, it's now 10:00am and I am just sitting down to work. I'm not too optimistic about working today, but I still have tomorrow before the trip. I can bring work on our trip, but really hate to do that. After the trip, I will have 10 weeks before I teach a summer class. Two of those weeks we will likely take a family trip, so that leaves 8 weeks. I really have to crack down or I will be in big trouble- like not getting tenure trouble! I know I can do it, but am feeling a little frustrated right now about how the semester is turning out. I spent so much time in the beginning (through late February) working on those two proposals (still no word on those), then March was conference month. I've had two weeks since the last conference (before this next trip) to get something accomplished, but it has been slow going. It's hard to ignore other things that need doing- like post-travel laundry- so I haven't used my time as well as I would have liked.

OK- too much negative energy there! I am not beating myself up over it or anything, just wishing the proposals and conferences hadn't been so time-consuming. Of course, if either (or both- dare I wish?) of the proposals are funded, it will certainly be worthwhile, but for now, I don't have anything concrete for show for that effort.

Back to the paper for a little while...

On a cheerier note- our tulips are starting to bloom!

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