Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ultrasound done

I am glad that is over with. It wasn't too awful, but if there are any women out there who know what kind of ultrasound is the least pleasant, then you can imagine what happened to me today... At least the technician didn't see anything that warranted calling in a physician, so I guess there is nothing too serious. I will talk to the doctor's office tomorrow afternoon after they get the report to see what they say.

I haven't accomplished anything today! What a surprise... and it's almost time to go get D, then she has soccer practice later, so another unproductive day ends. I really need to start waking up early again, because that is when I really get some things done. OK- one more work day before the spring break trip! I'm going to clean up the kitchen now...

BTW- check out my tulips in the previous post!

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