Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wednesday UPDATE

(Updated 7:40 PM)
Yesterday had a bit of snag, as there were some unexpected "findings" at my doctor’s appointment. I am going for an ultrasound tomorrow afternoon. It shouldn’t be anything serious, but finding anything out of ordinary is a bit unsettling. However, if it is the suspected problem, it may explain some other health related issues I’ve been experiencing lately. Sorry to be vague, but I don’t want to get too detailed here. So basically, I didn’t get any work done yesterday afternoon. Today I’m going to take a walk (before the rain sets in) DONE (3 miles today) and it never did rain, have an early lunch DONE, then go into the department DONE. I am meeting a student DONE, then I will try to get some writing done there. no writing today- it was too hot in my office- our building has MAJOR heating/cooling issues- so I just came home early. I'll try again tomorrow!.


Seeking Solace said...

I hope everything is OK. I will be thinking of you!

Addy N. said...

Thanks, seeking solace! I have no reason to be worried, but of course that doesn't stop me from doing it anyway! Thanks for your good wishes- and btw thanks for always posting comments! I think I have a few people reading my blog, but most don't leave comments (including my mom!)