Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Because I can't bitch about this on FB...

Ugh! My relatives continue to hurt my feelings from afar. You may recall this incident from over the summer. Well, visiting my brother was fine and I always feel close to them when we visit (which is not often). We sent them a package of gifts for Christmas and got one from them (I always feel like they send too much, really) and I called and texted my brother on Christmas. No response. Nothing. I thought I had confirmed that their package arrived, but now I'm wondering. My mom told me they misplaced one of her boxes and just found it the day after Christmas. I'm sure I'm taking this too personally, but why are we exchanging gifts if nobody can even call or email or text or FB message? I also got a card from my stepmom in the mail yesterday (who I did unfriend on FB and refused her attempts to refriend). I opened it to see if she wrote anything other than just a signature and then tossed it. (She did say something like "I hope you are doing well"). I also discovered that my brother's family exchanges gifts (or at least sends to) my (half)sister's family (again, FB revealed this to me). I have sent a couple packages to my sister (who is in the Air Force and stationed abroad) and feel that they were barely acknowledged, so I have stopped. I just keep putting myself out there to be hurt and am sick of it! I have taken all of them out of my news feed, because I feel like I am kicked in the gut just by reading updates on FB. Did I mention I have PMS?

In other news, we had a nice low-key Christmas at home this year- my sister-in-law came over and we had tasty food. She and I also drank a bottle of expensive (in my book, anyway) port over the two days and watched seven episodes of Nurse Jackie (she had borrowed it from a friend). I am hooked now, but don't get Showtime any more! I'll have to wait for NetFlix DVDs.

We have almost two weeks until classes start again, but I am feeling stressed. I have a LOT of class prep to do, but no motivation to do it this week. All this family crap isn't helping either. I have been getting deep tissue massage for some neck pain the last couple of weeks and love it- I feel great right afterward (even though it hurts) and my neck is much improved. I go back next Monday for another session.

Why oh why can't winter break be long enough to do holidays AND prep for next semester?? Sigh.


Super Babe said...

Hugs... drink... I'm also waiting for Netflix to send me some Dexter! I'm also stressed... Ahh... it's the holidays!!! :)

Seeking Solace said...

What is it about the holidays and family drama?

I am so sorry people are being less than in the holiday spirit.

Addy N. said...

Must repeat:
I will not look at FB pages of certain relatives.
I will not look at FB pages of certain relatives.

It seems like my stepmom is unaware of the "message" feature on FB and just writes on people's walls instead. Ugh!! I wish I could just unfriend everyone who is friends with her, but that would be a little difficult- and my brother would be highly offended. Ugh. Is it too much to ask family to sever ties with the person who did the disowning??? I guess it is. I really despise that man for interfering with my family relationships. What an a-hole.

Dr. Cynicism said...

^ What Addy said about steering clear of relatives' FB pages. It's truth to live by :-)

And isn't Showtime kicking butt lately? Nurse Jackie, Weeds, Dexter, you name it!

anthea said...

Urgh...yes, what is it that brings out family drama over the holidays?? Yes, Addy N's advice is good.

GJ said...

I know what you mean. My brother and his wife have not taught their five children to say thank you or even email a thank you for birthday and Christmas gifts. I give a total of $500 a year in gifts to the kids with no response. I have to call them to make sure they weren't stolen from the mail.

I am not going to punish the kids for their ungrateful parents. But it is a shame that they take it for granted so much. I think if I didn't send anything, they wouldn't even notice.

I am not on facebook. I don't want the drama and I don't want to be contacted by people from high school. I don't know why so many people are using it.

anthea said...

Yes, avoid relatives' FB pages. ...and yes, what is it about holidays and family drama!! Ah.