Monday, August 09, 2010

The countdown begins...

Two weeks until classes start. Which means that this is my last week of no work obligations (although I do have a service-related meeting in Capitol City this week). I'm glad that I got that paper submitted before our vacation, but now I have syllabi to update, readings to update, classes to plan, and a short proposal to write. I've also been thinking that another quick vacation trip would be nice, but that's probably not realistic at this point. I had also thought a weekend trip over Labor Day would be nice (since it is also my 40th birthday), but then I realized that most places will be booked up and crowded, so I guess we'll just stay here. See? I was trying to write about work and went off about vacation. You can see where my brain is these days.

D has a day camp this week, so I can't use her as an excuse to goof off, but I am just not excited about getting back to semester-work. And I'm still on this vacation sleeping schedule. I got up at about 7:15 today and that was a huge accomplishment. And I'll be teaching at 9:00 three days a week.* H has been killing himself with an NSF proposal, so he's been burning the 3AM oil working on that the past week or so. I hope they get funded!

I also have another distraction- I got a new phone. It's supposed to be for my birthday, but we ordered it early and it came the next day, so I've been spending all of my time playing with it and setting it up. It's great fun, but hopefully can be a good productivity tool too since it integrates with my calendar and everything. Or that's what I keep telling myself, anyway.

So, this feels like my typical August so far. Lamenting the end of summer, trying to get back in a work groove, another birthday looming on the horizon. Life is going along just fine over here. I think I may have another New Year's Resolutions post brewing soon... Or maybe I'll just re-use last year's!

*Unless the class is canceled due to low enrollment, which is entirely possible at this point.


Image Goddess said...

I WANT that phone. I'm trying to justify the cost but I can't. I'm not eligible (every two year thing) for 14 more months for my discount. But I've been dreaming about that phone. You'll have to tell me how you like it!!!!

Unbalanced Reaction said...

I can't tell-- are you hoping that your class gets cancelled?

Addy N. said...

Image Goddess: I love it! I had the same problem since I got a new phone last summer, but they just 'released' me to a discount if I renewed my contract for another two years. I was fine with that since Verizon has great coverage in our area and we don't plan to switch carriers. I was worried about getting use to the touchpad, but already feel like I've gotten the hang of it pretty well. I didn't have a smart phone before, so this is a big upgrade for me!

Unbalanced Reaction: I am torn- if it's canceled now, I have to add another class in spring, but get an easier schedule this semester. I am annoyed about the whole things because the whole problem is largely due to a schedule change in another department (where I usually get about half of my students for this class). I can't easily rearrange my schedule because I teach three classes this semester and I can't keep track of all these other departments when setting up my schedule. I'm just annoyed about the whole thing and tired of begging for students.

Dr. Cynicism said...

So now that fall semester is in full swing, how are you holding up?!