Saturday, July 18, 2009

Random Bullets of Crabbiness

  • We're home. We got in yesterday evening and went for a nice dinner on the way home from the airport. Upon arriving, I spent an HOUR cleaning up after our cat sitter (teenaged neighbor who I am paying). This involved: the steam cleaner, vacuum cleaner, swiffer mop, broom & dustpan, and completely changing out the cat litter for a fresh batch. Yes, that is how I love to spend my time after arriving home from a trip. Some of the cleaning is not anything that I would have expected her to do, but even the cat dish and spoon were left in the drying rack (supposedly clean) with dried bits of cat food on them. And bits of cat barf/poop/food on the carpeting. And something smeared around on the wood floor in the kitchen (in an apparent attempt to clean it up). And lights were left on in the house. I must remember not to have her do this again. Sometimes I wonder if my expectations are too high, but this was pretty awful.
  • I am feeling exhausted this afternoon. I fell asleep on the couch, which is NOT going to help me adjust back to EDT.
  • My mother sent me an email telling me that my rosacea looked worse this visit (maybe because your house is too damn hot??? and it's hot outside??) and that I should go have laser treatments like she did*. I am SO TIRED of being offered unsolicited and unwanted advice about my skin. Yes, I know I have rosacea. Yes, I know that you can have laser treatments for it. Yes, I know that there are skin medications for it- I've tried them and they didn't help. It's not really anything that bothers me that much- I know what the options are and I choose NOT to use them. Why is that so hard for people to understand. I feel like it's the same as telling me that my nose is too big and I should have it fixed. Or that I am overweight and I should go on a diet. Or that I should start coloring my hair because I have some *gasp* gray! Really? I hadn't noticed how I look. So. Irritating. If you find my skin annoying, DON'T look at it!!! I even had a friend at work that told me about how she had laser treatments and I should, too. Ugh.
  • My foot seems worse. I walked on it on vacation. Quite a bit, even. I was wearing super supportive shoes** with an orthotic, but I can tell that it's not good. I go back Wednesday morning for a follow-up and I know he's going to put me in a boot. Maybe I'll still be wearing it when classes start. So much for getting back into walking this summer. I'll have to start swimming or something, but that can be tricky, since the campus sports center shuts down at various times in the summer. Joy.
  • To end on a positive note, the weather here in Small College Town is unseasonably cool and lovely. I have some fresh produce from the farmer's market to cook up for dinner (pesto with green beans, corn on the cob) and it's the weekend, so I can ignore work for another couple of days.

*She also thinks that I should have bunion surgery like she did, even though mine is not severe and I can choose to wear shoes that don't bother it.
**They look like you have them on the wrong feet, because the inside is so built up to avoid over-pronation!


Seeking Solace said...

That sucks about the cat sitter. Your expectations are not too high at all.

I know what you mean about unsolicted advice. People of=ten tell me to try this or that treatment for my RA. It drives me crazy.

Addy N. said...

Thanks for your support, SS! I mainly just needed to vent and felt much better afterward! :)

EcoGeoFemme said...

No, your expectations for a cat sitter are not too high. Even for a teenager.

Even though you just made a giant rant about unsolicited advice, I'm going to give you more! My mom has rosacea that didn't respond to anything. She also had chronically watery eyes. It turns out that they are related. She got drops to help the eye problem and the rosacea went away too. Or wait, maybe it was the other way around. Shit. Funny though, when I met you I didn't notice anything like that. I recall you having really lovely, porcelain-like skin. Does the rosacea come and go?

I have lots of skin problems as well and I don't like advice either. Actually, it's not that I mind the advice, it just makes me embarrassed to discuss the skin issues.

Anyway, good luck with your foot.

Amanda@Lady Scientist said...

I have rosacea, too. And I really hate it when people harp on me to get this or that done. For crying out loud, I do wash my face before I go to bed and I'm too broke to get laser treatments.

As for the cat sitter, s/he should've at least cleaned all the food off of the cat spoon and dish. That's not too high. At all.