Monday, July 20, 2009

I need a list!

Ugh. Every summer it happens. I go on vacation and when I get back, I have a really hard time getting back in gear. I now have five weeks until classes start (boo hoo) and nothing that really has to get done, but lots of things that should get done before my crazy semester* starts. We're going on another vacation trip right before classes start, so everything needs to be done in the next three weeks, really. OK, here's a list:

  • Finish ms review that is due in two days (it will likely be late)
  • Get things organized for fall classes (syllabi, reading packets, etc)
  • Finish work with summer intern, or rather tie up loose ends before s/he goes home and ideally start writing a paper (I'm not terribly optimistic on this one, but we'll see)
  • Have a few planning meetings with collaborators about proposal writing. One of these meetings is to review a declined proposal and consider our options. The other is a new collaboration and should be fun and exciting- especially since it could get me back into the area of research I was in for my graduate work (yay!)
  • Attend another planning meeting in Capitol City next week. New venue should make it even more exciting (I won't be going to Big University campus this time).
I guess that's it. Something notably absent here is writing. Ugh. I don't have anything new to write beside the summer intern work (and that may be a bit premature still). I still have a paper that I put on the back burner an embarrassingly long time ago and meant to dig out and finish up. Maybe I can still do it. We'll see... 

Today, I'm off to another late start since I am still in the vicious cycle that is keeping me on West Coast time. I have to go to campus to meet my student this afternoon, so I will likely just do more organizing and planning (and cleaning up my messy desk) this morning before I go in. I hope I can still salvage these last few weeks!

*Teaching five days a week


Seeking Solace said...

That's a good list. Hope the organizing and planning work out. :)

Addy N. said...

LOL! I didn't accomplish anything before going to campus (besides showering and having a small lunch). Tomorrow's another day... And there's always tonight since I've been staying up until 1:00 or 2:00.