Monday, June 08, 2009

Summer frustrations

Ah, summer. No teaching. Small College Town is peaceful and quiet except for the few students around taking summer classes and coming for freshman orientation. My days are generally unstructured and full of possibilities. And that is my major problem. I ALWAYS have trouble motivating and being productive in the summer. I think the endless stream of days ahead of me just lulls me into a sense of infinite time. "I can do that tomorrow! Or next week! Wouldn't it be better to just clean out this closet or watch a movie?" And that is just during the time that D is still in school. She has her last day on Wednesday, then I am really screwed. Not that she needs constant attention or supervision, but a day-long stretch of uninterrupted research time is just not feasible (OK- I'm just making excuses). But I want to do things with her, while we are both out of school, so I am distracted by making plans for those things. Maybe, I'm just lazy. Who knows, but summer is a time that I never seem to be productive and it's a shame.

What are your strategies for staying focused in the summer? I could use some ideas, because after seven years in this job, I still can't figure it out!


Seeking Solace said...

I have to create a routine or a schedule of things to do. Otherwise, I will just goof around on the computer!

For example, I break up my housework during the week. I try to schedule activities, so that I have something to look forward to doing.

I know you have had a tough start to the summer break. Hope things go better.

NancyK said...

so if I don't so my research in the summer, it doesn't get done and I don't get paperss or grants. So my 6 year old twins will be in daycare and I work full time. This is one way to get work done!

EcoGeoFemme said...

Have you tried planning just a small amount of work instead of a full day? If you know you can't/won't make a full day happen, maybe two hours would be easier? Or start with something really small and easy to get you going. Watering the plants always gets me started when I'm putting off housework.