Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Day in the sun

Am I pooped! Today was Field Day at D's school, so of course it was 80s and humid (thankfully some clouds rolled over occasionally to provide some relief!). I was there for the whole two hours doing activities, then stayed for the picnic lunch. D was able to do about half of the activities with her sling on, but sat out some others. She is over playing at a friend's house for a couple hours now, and I am just in no shape to do anything but sit here. I just watched last night's Conan O'Brien and can't bring myself to do anything else. I doused myself in sunscreen this morning and wore a big hat, so I think I avoided a sunburn, but being out in the heat just wears me out.

I've been thinking about some of the comments from yesterday's post about summer working and think I particularly like EcoGeoFemme's idea of planning small chunks of work time, rather than trying to work a full day. I always like making lists and scheduling my time, but just can't seem to get organized this summer so far. I will try easing back into better schedule- I should really get back to getting up early and working in the morning for a few hours, then I won't feel so bad if the afternoon ends up a wash. I also want to get back to more consistent blogging. I am in touch with a lot of you on Facebook these days, but it just doesn't provide the same kind of outlet for writing that blogging does. I have also started blogging under my real name- it is work-focused and links from my professional website, so I am sticking to work-related topics. It will be interesting to see how keeping two separate blogs works out- will I stick to more personal things here (I'm not writing anything personal over there) or will I end up with some overlap on the other blog? We shall see.

I better go unload the dishwasher- D will be home around 5:00 for an early dinner. I have to take her to a Relay for Life meeting tonight (I am going to accompany our team captain) and want her fed before we go.  If you know me IRL, check out the work blog- I am kind of aiming it as a way to elaborate on my work in more detail than you would find in a CV, but also include more of the day-to-day things.

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EcoGeoFemme said...

Good luck figuring out a summer work schedule. Let us know how it goes.

Is H home now?