Sunday, June 21, 2009

Not a great day.

This post title applies on two levels: 1) father's day is always a reminder that my father is not a nice person and felt it necessary to "disown" me for marrying someone with dark skin, and 2) today (and this weekend) has been pretty crappy. 

H got home on Friday afternoon, which was very nice for all of us. We took him to dinner at a favorite restaurant and he went to bed before D. Then a thunderstorm knocked out our electricity for about 12 hours (before 2am to after noon Saturday). It was a bit warm with no fans or A/C, but not too bad- just more of an annoyance than anything else. I took D to the ER today, because her elbow looked bad. The wound has healed over, but she bumped it pretty hard yesterday and a big blister formed over it. The doctor drained it and took a sample to culture. She also prescribed TWO antibiotics- one 'regular' one and another in case she has MRSA. We have to wash it a couple times a day and keep it covered. And follow up with our regular doctor this week. The ER visit was not quick of course, but at least I don't feel like an overly paranoid parent (although I'd rather that nothing was wrong with her!). She starts physical therapy tomorrow to get her arm strengthened AND we have to get in to see the orthodontist because the wire came off on one side. 

So, nothing serious, thankfully, but I am more than a little worried about the elbow infection. It has closed up! Weeks ago! I don't understand how it could have gotten infected. Ugh. I realize there are worse things that could happen, but this elbow saga has been going for more than a month now. And I have PMS. And I'm ready for D to be healthy again. I am ready for this summer to take a different course. We go on vacation in a couple of weeks, so hopefully that will be a nice change of scenery. 

I am trying to get back into exercising, which has been good AND I am doing Relay for Life next weekend. I am trying to get geared up for that- I've never even been, so I am looking forward to it. D was going to come for part of it, but now she can't be out in the sun (one of the antibiotics) and we may just have to skip that... I'm off for a LUSH bath now and maybe a beer.


Anastasia said...

your dad sucks. but you know, H. doesn't. And that's something.

I hope D.'s arm is feeling better soon. This injury is a gift that just keeps giving, eh?

Addy N. said...

Thanks, Anastasia. Yes, I know my dad sucks. I think that people don't believe me when I tell them that it's really fine that we're estranged, either. I have NO desire to reconcile whatsoever and don't even feel sad about not being in touch with him. I only am annoyed by the fact that it makes my brother and sister uncomfortable. I guess it helps that I have an awesome stepdad who has ALWAYS supported me (even when other family members didn't). It's just more proof that you don't have to be related to someone by blood to have a bond with them (I'm sure adoptive parents and kids would agree with that one).

And yes- this arm thing is not getting more fun as time goes by. Ugh!

Seeking Solace said...

I completely understand you're frustration with the disowning thing. It's happended in my family too. You can't fix stupid.

I do hope your summer takes a different course. You need a break!!!

Enjoy your LUSH bath!!!

EcoGeoFemme said...

Yuck! I hope that arm gets better soon, because summer will really suck if she can't be in the sun or swim or whatever. (Not that you needed that pointed out.)

I hope the week is better than the weekend.