Friday, March 27, 2009

T-minus 13 days... Arrgghhh!

I am leaving for a conference/vacation trip on April 9th WITH D in tow (but not H) and a whole lot of things needs to happen before I leave:
  • finish lectures for big freshman course (BFC) & teach them
  • write study guide for BFC
  • write next exam for BFC (based on lectures from above)
  • write and revise two labs for BFC
  • organize days I am gone with TA, including additional proctor for exam
  • finish my conference poster
  • have poster printed
  • figure out what other class will do in my absence (probably project time and labs)
  • plan lecture for first day back for BFC
Gosh- it doesn't look so bad, now that I typed it out (yeah, right!) I have been working the last few weekends (something I try to avoid). D has a girl scout overnight this weekend, so I will have lots of time, but I am definitely feeling some pressure! I was in Capitol City yesterday for a meeting, so I lost my usual work-at-home day, so that doesn't help my stress level. Today I only have one class and no meetings, so hopefully I can get some things done today, too. The meeting in Capitol City was great, actually, because it's an area of work that I've been wanting to get into for several years and was never able to get funding. This is a service task I volunteered for and am excited about being involved. I want to apply for funding in the fall and my involvement with this program should certainly help (and open my eyes to some new things). Since I was up in Capitol City, I made stops at Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and Lush- which saves a trip to Major City. I also got over 45 mpg on my trip yesterday (~ 250 miles round trip)- go Civic Hybrid!!

Things are fine, otherwise. I made an RA offer and was declined, so I sent out another that day. I haven't heard back, but the student was at a conference this week, so hopefully s/he will get back to me soon! I better get ready to head to campus...


Seeking Solace said...

Love the new look!

Just keep plugging away, you'll git 'er done. :)

JustMe said...

eek, that is lots of work. but like ss, I agree, you can do it!