Monday, December 15, 2008

Watch Addy procrastinate...

It's Monday of finals week here in Small College town and I have a pile of grading of to do. Let's review what I've done today instead:
  1. ate breakfast 
  2. got D off to school with her lunch and umbrella
  3. vacuumed downstairs
  4. cleaned the downstairs bathroom
  5. baked muffins
  6. showered
  7. met with our architect (he'll be contacting contractors soon!)
  8. packaged up presents to send to family out west
  9. made a trip to the post office to send off packages from #9 ($60: ouch!)
  10. stopped by campus bookstore to buy new wireless keyboard and mouse for use with my MacBook- so that I don't have to see the chiropractor every week
  11. picked up lunch for H and me
  12. came home to eat lunch with H
  13. set up new mouse and keyboard
  14. figure out how to avoid grading until my chiropractor appointment (1 hour from now)
  15. write this post
Pretty good, huh? It's only 1:30 and I've done lots of useful things, but none of them are grading! I did look at the the in-class exam I am, giving this week... Maybe I'll go finalize that before I go to the Dr.

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