Sunday, December 14, 2008

I think I heart my chiropractor

Where has the time gone? A few things have kept me from blogging the last few days and the biggest one is my neck. I started seeing a chiropractor last week and am much improved, but also struggling with trying to improve my posture (which is abominable). The doctor told me that my days of using the laptop on the couch are probably over. Even now, I am typing on a separate keyboard that is connected to my MacBook, but sitting on a lower keyboard drawer.

Let me back up and tell you the whole delightful story... About 10 days ago, I was hunched over the MacBook on my lap late at night (probably reading Facebook). When I stood up to go to bed, I felt something stiffen up in my neck- the way it occasionally does when I sleep on it funny. It was odd to do it at the end of the day. I slept on it and it was PAINFUL all night. It didn't improve much over the next 2-3 days as I applied heat and made H massage the sore muscles. Finally, I decided to sleep on my back (I'm usually a side-sleeper) on a flatter pillow and felt MUCH better the next day. For a few days I thought I was on the mend. Then I was in the shower earlier last week. When I leaned my head back to get my hair wet, I felt that pain again. The rest of that day I was in robot-mode, almost unable to turn my head at all without pain or lift anything with my left arm. I've had incidents like this in the past- both times I was pregnant in fact (no, I am not pregnant now, for the record). Some friends suggested seeing a chiropractor- something that had never in a million years occurred to me- I had never been to a chiropractor and didn't really know much about them- other than I was scared of the idea of someone "adjusting" my joints. That night, I didn't sleep much past 3AM because every position was terribly painful. In the morning, I could hardly lift my left arm. I decided to the call the doctor who had been recommended by a couple of friends and got in that morning.

I went that day and the next to be adjusted and go tomorrow for the final visit. I feel better, but do have sore muscles and am afraid I might have messed up something on the other side of my neck as I have been coddling my neck out of fear of re-injury. I also think I am obsessed with my chiropractor. It's not like I have a crush on him, but I am just wondering how I've been missing out on these doctors that can fix your problems with their hands? I'm just amazed- but also terrified of the actual adjustment process. I agree with the description that it's "startling" but not painful. I guess I've never been to see a doctor and walked out of the office feeling better than when I went in! What a concept! And for the office visit to be almost pleasant? Including massaging and stretching my muscles? Again I've never experienced anything like that at a doctor's office. We'll see if I am completely OK in a few days, so I'll reserve that judgment for now, but so far, I am sold.  I also learned that a a lot of people I know regularly see chiropractors. Well, where have I been? 

So now, I am working on improving my posture- the doctor is helping to show me how to sit correctly since my horrible posture probably contributed to this problem with my neck. I'm doing my best, but OMG is good posture exhausting! And I'm not straining too far- it's just that using different muscles is really tiring. I hope it works. 

Otherwise, I am just gearing up the latest finals week I've had at Small College Town U. I only have one in-class exam, but the grading has been piling up as I blissfully ignore it. It's a bummer because I have a lot of digital grading I do and now I can't camp out on the couch with my laptop and do it there. At least all of my health issues are minor and just inconveniences. Awesome Female Colleague does not have cancer by the way- we're all relieved, but she is frustrated since she still doesn't know what is wrong.


Seeking Solace said...

Chiropractors are the best. I have problems with my neck too. If the "Linda Blair" style of adjustment freaks you out, ask your doc to use the activator gun. It's a little gun that hits the pressure point. No head spinning needed!

Glad you are doing better.

MommyProf said...

Feel better! We like to go grade in one of the student cafeterias in the morning...unlimited coffee and big tables to spread all the stuff on...

NJS said...

Sounds like the road I may take if I don't improve posture and strengthen shoulder muscles now. My mom has had many back, neck, and shoulder problems.

It is definitely good to remember that numerous minor health problems are better than one really bad one. I've had to remind myself of that several times recently.

Steve Muhlberger said...

A good chiropracter is a prize, but consider making yoga part of your routine.