Sunday, December 28, 2008

RBoC: Winter "Break"

  • I have a huge to-do list for "break" this year. Usually it's just getting ready for classes and maybe trying to do a little research, but this year I have to get some crap done! D is out of school for one more week, so I am going to be trying to wake up early and get some things done in the mornings... We'll see how that goes.
  • D had her first ever sleepover last night with one friend. I think they had a lot of fun and did get some sleep, although they were still awake at 11:00 and were up by 8:15 (D can still sleep 10 hours or more most nights!)
  • We are pretty sure that the animals are all gone from the neighbor's farm. I hadn't seen the sheep in a while- which is not unusual, since they are hard to see when they are on the far side of the pasture- but it's been more than a week and we haven't seen any sign of them. My peafowl friends have also not been seen in a while. The farmer is quite elderly, so I don't know if he has moved to a nursing home, the family just decided to sell the animals, or what. I actually checked the local obituaries and he wasn't listed. We knew those critters wouldn't stay around here forever, but I sure do miss seeing them out there :(
  • I have been trying to organize some things in the basement to get ready to donate a whole mess of stuff. Since we are really, really done trying to get pregnant (for reals this time- not like I said back in August and then we kept trying- including this month- we're starting 2009 with a new attitude and giving up this stressful, depressing, endeavor), we are finally going to get rid of the last bunch of baby stuff we still have: D's crib, one stroller, a nice high chair, car seat, and LOT of clothes and toys- including non-baby stuff that she has just recently outgrown. D was only 3 when we moved into this house, so it didn't seem strange to have all that stuff. Now that she is 9, and no babies are on the way, it's just another reminder and it's just time to move on. We are also going to be having the basement finished in the next few months, so we need to clear everything out for the construction- what better time to purge, right? I just spent a little time putting stuff into the "donate" pile- which is a corner of the basement. I was surprised at how it didn't depress me either- I thought it would be really hard to look at D's baby clothes and things, but it was actually fine.
  • I want something yummy for dinner, but suspect that we will just be eating here. I'll have to see what H thinks. I'm not in a cooking mood (although that could change, I guess if I get inspired...) 
  • Awesome Female Colleague just called to see if I wanted to go to IKEA with her. That was very tempting, but I decided to skip it since I am in the middle of laundry and really need to buy some big furniture there. I'm also sleep-deprived today, because the stupid wind kept me up from about 2:30 (I think) until morning. I dozed off and on, but was dreaming that rain water was leaking into our house and flooding it.
  • I guess I'm out of bullets, now....

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