Friday, November 14, 2008

Icky Things

I feel like so many people I know are dealing with medical issues right now. 

  • H got a phone call from his PhD advisor, Dr. Nice, the other day (he was also on my committee). It turns out he has prostate cancer and will be having surgery in a few weeks. They caught it early, so I guess the outlook is good, but CRAP. I just feel terrible about it- he is SUCH a wonderful person. I hate to hear about anyone having cancer, but it seems even worse for it to be him. I just hope he comes through everything OK- he's in his 50s. 
  • I am really excited about a PhD committee that I am going to be serving on. The student is in one of my classes this semester and she is just AWESOME- a great student, very nice, really smart, amazing positive attitude about grad school, etc. She went for some medical tests and was sent to a specialist, because there is a chance she could have cancer- if she does, it's kind with a very good cure rate, but again SHIT! Why her? I hope it turns out to be nothing, but I am worried.
  • Awesome Female Colleague has been having some mysterious health issues. After lots of tests, she went to the doctor today to be told that nothing is wrong with her. So why is she having these problems? I feel terrible for her- I'm glad nothing is seriously wrong, but having mysterious symptoms with no obvious cause is not good either.
  • I can't even put my stupid skin cancer in the same category as these other issues, but I am still having some lingering fear that one (or more) of the excisions will turn out to be melanoma. I think it's unlikely, but until the surgeon tells me otherwise, I can't help but worry. I go for a follow-up on Monday.
I hope everyone is OK!! What a bummer.

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Seeking Solace said...

I know what you colleague is going through. Tell her to be vigilant and document all symptoms!