Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nothing like whining to get me blogging again

So now I have a cold. H had it last weekend, so I guess it's my turn. I'm not terribly stuffed up (beyond my usual allergy issues), but I feel out of it and like my equilibrium is off. And REALLY bitchy. LUCKILY, D went back to school today (hooray!) and this is my work-at-home day. I don't have a lot I have to accomplish, although I need to prepare some data for a lab tomorrow and test out a GPS unit I'm not familiar with. I would also like to get some other things done, but I also think that napping will definitely be on my agenda today. At least we have power and my local grocery store has restocked after having to throw out A LOT of food. I hate being so completely grumpy. Ick. I'm still pissed about this, too. I feel like people will think that GB was picked because DC thinks he would do a better job. 

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Seeking Solace said...

I have a cold too. But, I am stuck at work :(

Hope you feel better!