Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Talk of the town

Well, we are not the talk of the town, but certainly the neighborhood. The obnoxious neighbors returned on Sunday and called to thank us for taking in the trash can (although I suspect that wasn't the motivation for calling), say they were sorry to see the "for sale" sign in our yard, and (sort of ) invite D over for their daughter's birthday party today (less than 48 hours notice). This was all in a voicemail, since we didn't get the phone in time. I finally talked to her yesterday and of course, she wanted to know about the sign and whatever else I would tell her. "Have you had any lookers yet?" Ugh. I'm also irritated about the birthday thing- I saw other parents dropping off kids and I suspect that they weren't just called on Sunday evening, since they all had gifts. D has a tummy ache thing, so I had a great excuse for her to skip it. I find it so insulting to get that sort of invitation- I'd rather not be invited than to be a last-minute "oh, I guess we better invite them" invite. It's not like our kids are great friends or anything.

We've had lots of inquiries from neighbors about the yard sign and we've reassured them that we did indeed get tenure and are just looking to move to the next neighborhood. It's kind of funny, because we don't really interact with our neighbors that much- just the occasional chat at the mailbox or wave. Yet, they all say that they don't want us to leave. I guess we are good neighbors in that we are quiet, don't have people over or parties, keep our yard in generally good condition, and are friendly. You never know who might move in, I guess! We still haven't even scheduled a showing, so we may not be going anywhere and that's fine, too.

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KatyH said...

Good luck with the selling house thing. I hope you sell yours and find someplace wonderful. Don't get the neighbors thing myself, all a bit strange.