Monday, June 30, 2008

RBO needing to get busy!

  • OK- I really need to get my butt in gear. I have a paper deadline in two weeks that is looking less feasible by the minute, but I would still like to try to make it. The editor for the special issue also said that it could probably be extended, too. A month sounds more reasonable, but given the level of motivation I have lately, even that is not too promising. 
  • D will likely be playing over at the neighbor's quite a bit with her friend these next few weeks, so I should have still have time to work quite a bit, even though her two weeks of science day camps are over. I also want to take her to some fun things this month, though- we have zoo and museum memberships that are being wasted, so it's time to go! 
  • We have no travel plans for this entire month (so far), so we'll just be hanging around Small College Town until our conference trip (with extra week of vacation afterward) in August.
  • We STILL have not received H's letter for a naturalization ceremony and I am convinced that it was lost in the mail. It's been almost 8 weeks (55 days) since he passed the test and was told that he would hear something within 45 days. He called the national number, but they don't do anything until 90 days have passed. I think we are just going to show up at the local office tomorrow to see if we can at least find out if they mailed anything yet. We tried to make an appointment online, but H doesn't fit any of the situations listed. I guess the worst that can happen is they don't tell us anything and send us away. Of course, we still have to wonder if the ceremony will end up being scheduled during our trip (another reason we have no other travel plans so far). H is convinced that do ceremonies on July 4th, but I'm not sure that judges would want to work that day.
  • Today is my last official day as an assistant professor. I still have a post brewing about this- the idea that I can do "what ever I want" and decide how I want to define my career without worrying about getting that next paper in before tenure. I am looking into a potential  joint appointment opportunity at my U, also. Again- these issues deserve their own post. I feel like I should be celebrating, too. Lots of people seem surprised that we don't have a big tenure-celebration-trip planned for this summer. Of course, none of these people know that I was supposed to be pregnant right now (ruling out travel to H's home country), or that we are waiting on immigration crap (also preventing international travel). It's a bit of a bummer, but I really can't complain. Small College Town is nice in the summer- there are fewer students, it's beautiful and green (I lived away from the Midwest long enough to still have "green shock" every summer- I love it), the fireflies are out, and the humidity seems to have dropped back to reasonable levels (for now anyway).
  • I am just trying to balance enjoying summer for all of it's flexibility, clean my house, and still accomplish some work!


Anonymous said...

hmmm...I think they do hold them july 4. at least, it seems like I remember hearing about it on july 4.

Anonymous said...

yay on your first official day! a week late, sorry!