Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Work-at-Home Tuesday

I am really excited about the "at-home" part, but not excited at all about the "work". D has a field trip to Major City Museum today. Last year, I went along and it was really fun. I decided I better not volunteer this time, since I didn't know how I would be feeling. The one thing I HAVE to do today is grade paper drafts from my upper-level course. I think I will revise a rubric to help me with the grading, so that it's more structured. I am really not excited about this grading. I started reading one of them in the doctor's office the other day and it was god-awful. I'm sure there will be some good ones, but it wasn't a promising start. I think the approach that I will take is to try to finish them this morning, then maybe take the afternoon off if I can get them finished. I am hoping that the reward of not working this afternoon will motivate me to finish this morning- I sure hope it works. 

In more depressing matters: I am debating what to do with the maternity clothes that I prematurely ordered. I don't know if we're going to try again, and even if we do, I can certainly buy more clothes then if I need them. If we don't try again, it's a waste to keep them. So, I am just torn. I already wore one pair of jeans, because they were so comfy, so I have to keep them now. I also can't return the $10 dress because it was final sale. If I return the rest, I can get about $200 back on my credit card, so that would be nice. I just don't know... I think I'll stew over it for another few days.


Seeking Solace said...

I guess you could return the items that you could get a credit.

How about donating the items that you can't return? Are there any organizations that help pregnant women?

Super Babe said...

Good luck grading papers.

As far as your pg stuff... returning them for possible credit would be my first choice... Donating a second one...

All I had were lotions and some books that my husband diligently put away from my reach to help cope with it for the time being... I did decide to keep the maternity bra I had bought when my breasts started growing... but I figured since we do plan to try again, and it is such a small thing, I'll keep it.

Glad you're doing better.

Geeka said...

return them, because then you get the fun of buying them all over again.

Addy N. said...

Thanks for all of your suggestions! I packaged everything up and am taking them to the postal place tomorrow. I also put away the other pregnancy things I had (B6 lozenges, baby info books, etc.). That way, whatever we decide (& whatever happens) I won't have these things sitting around in plain view.