Friday, April 18, 2008


I woke up the same way that Alice and many others did this morning, by earthquake! I am further away from the epicenter than she is, but it was enough to briefly wake me up (it was about 5:30 here). It was only after I got up at 6:00 that I realized what had happened (when they said something on NPR). I suddenly remembered hearing the house rattle (I dismissed it as wind, even thought I wondered in a sleepy haze very briefly if it was a quake). Even later this morning, I remembered thinking that H was shaking the bed, because of a dream or something. (I blame him for everything!) It was the first earthquake I've felt since moving to this part of the country. I've felt several, since I lived in California for 14 years. There was even an earthquake half an hour before D was born (the nurses in the room felt it, but I didn't). The timing of this quake felt so strange to me because of that, too. I think I "made some more progress" in the miscarriage last night (hopefully it's really done now), so it was odd to have the earthquake so close to that. I had a rough evening yesterday and I'm wondering if part of it is hormones that are still affecting me (especially given last night's event). I know that it's only been a week and I will be grieving for some time, but I have been taking it even harder that I think I should. I'm hoping that the hormones are on their way out and I can be back to my normal self soon.

I had a short day at work- just teaching this morning- since everyone is still at Big Giant Conference (and they missed the earthquake!) H and I went to lunch and ran errands before D came home from school. I have no real plans for the weekend- I have grading I should finish and other teaching things to get organized, but I will probably just do the bare minimum. At least it's Friday and I have cold beer from Trader Joe's in the fridge. 


luckybuzz said...

So weird that you guys had an earthquake!

Weird timing on it for you, too, it sounds like. I hear that it can take a little while for your hormones to get back on track.I hope you get to rest and keep recovering.

Super Babe said...

Yikes on the earthquake! I too read it first on Alice's blog... Maybe it was a sign... hard to say.

I know the hormones take some time to get back to normal - for me it has been headaches... and still the occasional crying, but very very sporadic, certainly not every day.

Hope you enjoy your weekend and your doctor gives you a green light to move on (physically)... I guess every situation is different, my doctor here told me, 2 days after the "fact" (when my follow up visit was), that I could start exercising right away. My Mother, an OB-GYN, told me to wait a little longer... So I waited somewhere in between. Being out definitely helps, though maybe the resting can help with the closure part... not sure.

Well. I am glad that we got to share our sad experience, and I too look forward to keeping up with your blog :) Enjoy your weekend.

Academic said...

Hope that you enjoy your weekend!