Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Not a productive day so far...

I had my follow-up appointment this morning and was late because of this:

Train Jam

Yes- that is a train off in the distance. It was barely moving. It was blocking most of the roads in town (the tracks runs NW-SE through the middle of town). 

They poked another hole in my arm (and it bruised this time) so that they can check my hCG levels. I have to get it checked once a week to make sure it goes to zero. I also have to decide whether do any other testing to see if I am at risk of another miscarriage because of underlying health problems. They did a full blood count when I was first pregnant and it was all good, but there are other things to check for. The midwife said that they don't usually do those with "just one" miscarriage, but I could elect to do them anyway. I left feeling a little depressed, because I don't know for sure (and will never know) if the miscarriage was caused by a defect or a hormonal problem. If I do get pregnant again, they will be monitoring my hormones very closely to see if I need supplementation. This just threw me, because it means that MAYBE the baby was fine and it was my hormones that ended it. I went back to my usual thinking that I am too old now* and should not even try again. I'm sure I'll continue to go back and forth about it- until we do try or I just keep wondering. I still haven't cried since Thursday, so I am feeling pretty much like my normal self again. I have managed to do NO work today. I have vacuumed out my car and washed the floor mats, but that's about it. I still have two hours until D comes home, so I guess I better go get some things done. 

*I know that LOTS of women have babies in the their 40s, but maybe MY body is too old.

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Super Babe said...

Sorry you weren't feeling so good yesterday -- It is interesting how different the medical approach can be in different countries. When I went to my follow-up appt, 2 days after the D&C, they just did an ultrasound and that was it. No urine sample, no blood sample to check hCG, nothing. The only poking they did was because I asked about my iron levels.

I really get the feeling doctors don't really listen to you here as much as they do in the US... and they want to talk to / see you as little as possible. Not really a lot of wanting to make sure you don't have more questions (you don't of course, that would be questioning their treatment, and they are Germans, so of course they know everything!...

Argh. Well... if you feel like being productive maybe you could help me with my manuscript that I just found out, by mere luck, that has had a decision letter available for 2 months and they never bothered to let me know :( Major review is never fun :(