Monday, April 21, 2008

No more slacking off

I've always preferred to overload the front part of my week, so that I can feel like the worst is over by mid-week. This semester is no exception. Monday afternoon has labs for my freshmen class, which I don't teach myself, but feel that I should be around and available to the students and my TA. Last week, there was no lab (after-exam break), the week before I was on doctor-ordered "rest", so this was the first Monday in a while that I actually put in my long day.  It wasn't bad, either. I went to lunch with a few friends from work- we took a nice walk across campus in the sunny spring weather. I also got some research stuff done this afternoon and made some progress with my RA-replacement issue (we have a current applicant that may be a good fit). When I got home, I wasn't even that tired. Instead of collapsing on the couch, I did some cleaning before dinner! I just got finished playing a game with D and am now watching MSNBC with H. I'm feeling really good to have the end of the semester in sight- even though I have lots of grading to do before then. I hope to hit the ground running to get a couple of papers out this summer. I have one paper that should have gone out last summer and another new one that I need to write for a special issue. I say this every summer, but I REALLY don't want to squander this summer away. I don't have tenure pressure any more, but hope to be productive. 

So how much more time until your summer begins (what ever it may be)??? What plans do you have?


Will & Kate said...

a little over two months and I will have defended my thesis (hopefully successfully!) and finished up in the lab and with cleaning up and be moving to a new state where I will start as an assistant prof at a small liberal arts college next fall.

I don't have any official obligations this summer (my contract is a 9 month contract that starts mid-August) but I plan to be working on lectures and maybe writing a grant, too. I imagine I'll take some time to enjoy summer though. I hope you have time for that as well!


Anonymous said...

my plans include working and also moving, i hope.