Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Keeping up the streak

Well, I've got nuthin', but who am I to break this great blogging streak I've got going?? I didn't want the day to end without a new post, so here I am: it's almost 11:00, I'm pretty tired, I have a scratchy throat that I hope is not a cold coming on, and I can't motivate to get off the couch and go upstairs to bed (pretty pathetic, I know). I managed to totally ignore the virtual grading pile I have accumulating in digital space, too. I am going to be in grading hell next week or the week after if I don't get my act together, but that is currently insufficient motivation for me to actually do anything about it. Tomorrow is a work-at-home day (after my weekly visit to D's class), so maybe I can accomplish something then. I really have no excuse- it's purely procrastination. 

So, nothing exciting going on here. The blood-draw bruise is turning a lovely blue-green shade and I am still waiting to hear about my blood test results- maybe tomorrow. Hopefully, tomorrow also will inspire me to get some crap done and have something more interesting to blog about.


Seeking Solace said...

I hate blood-draw bruising! I often have to tell the vampire to use a baby needle on me because I always bruise.

Anonymous said...

You say "procrastination" like it's a bad thing... :)