Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mission not accomplished

I did do a few things yesterday, but didn't really spend the day working as I had hoped. I am still updating some lectures and debating whether I should just cart my Mac Book back and forth to work every day and just use it for teaching. Right now, I am doing all of the updating here, so it might work better to just use this computer, too. I guess I'll try it out and see. 

As for today, we're making a trip to Costco, then I'll come back here and try to get some grading done while doing laundry. Could that sound more thrilling? It's getting to that time of the semester where I want to hurry up and hand back assignments, so that they can get over being pissed off before they do evaluations. Of course, it's not as critical as before with the tenure decision looking good, but I still hate that feeling of reading bad evaluations. Even though I am laughing about the student last spring who wrote that I am "an embarrassment to Small Town U", it still pisses me off...

I hope you are all having a productive weekend if that is your goal, or a relaxing one if that is what you need.


luckybuzz said...

The title of this post might become my new tag line. :P

Did you get anything good at Costco? :)

Anonymous said...

totally OT but, i had a dream that you quit blogging and something horrible happened, i don't remember what, but anyway, i wasn't sure if i dreamt it or it was actually true and something i read during last night's late blog reading. anyway, i was so happy when i clicked over and you were still here!

Addy N. said...

Luckybuzz: I got a new 250 GB hard drive for $130! Other than that, we didn't buy anything exciting. They had some yummy cheese spread in the samples, though.

JustMe- that is creepy, and I am glad that you were wrong! It's funny to have dreams about blog friends, though isn't it? I can't imagine why I would quit blogging! It's too much fun. I hope you are doing well- did you get your abstract in for you-know-what? I can't believe they extended the deadline (I'm all set, already).