Saturday, November 03, 2007

InaDWriMo? What's InaDWriMo?

Ha! I'm off to a winning start here (note the status bar). I spent Day 1 grading, Day 2 on the field trip, and Day 3 I am doing more grading. I am not worried yet, since my goal is so modest, but I was feeling put to shame when I checked a few blogs this morning! I did write an abstract on Thursday and Friday- does that count? It's 230 words, or 9.2%? No- I won't count anything until I work on the paper or a proposal! Anyway- back to grading jail & jonesing for my new Mac Book Pro -looks like it won't arrive until Wednesday:( boo hoo for me. In a cruel twist, the Parallels software arrived yesterday.

1 comment:

JustMe said...

i have done nothing. those words on my meter are the words i have already written, pre-nov. so look at it this way, you are 230 words ahead of me!