Tuesday, September 11, 2007

RBoC: "Where have I been?" Edition

What happened to the past week? I've been faithfully reading blogs, but realized that I haven't actually posted anything lately. D will be up soon for school, so I will keep this short...
  • Class is in full swing now- this is week 4 for us and I have labs to grade, homework assignments to grade and new labs to write. Things are still much easier than usual since I don't have the freshmen this semester (yay!)
  • I have lots of research things to do: a proposal to help with, data to process, software to figure out, that paper that is still on the back burner (or back in the fridge, maybe), and I'm considering putting in a proposal for a program with a high % of funding (state-level). I need to talk to my collaborator on The Grant to see if he thinks it's a good idea right now (he's a full professor, so helpful with those sorts of things).
  • I emailed the chair of a search committee. I doubt I would apply, but it's an open rank position in a warmer place (NO SNOW). The description could fit what I do if they are loosely defining the research area, so I don't know that I am even appropriate. If he doesn't email back, I guess I won't even bother! I have to talk to my mentor about the timing anyway- she had told me that applying this year would look suspicious to search committees.
  • I still need to revise my dossier based on my department's comments. Nothing major, just filling in some details and tying things together a bit better.
That's about it from Small College Town. It's finally cooling off and it can't be soon enough- August was just awful around here. One last thought about the date: 9/11/01 was also a Tuesday like this year, so that makes it kind of an eerie reminder. Good thing that six years later, we're fighting a war in a country that had NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.

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Seeking Solace said...

Glad to hear you are doing well.

Yeah, it seems kinda strange that we are not battling the people we are supposed to be mad at! Not that I am a supporter of war, but if you did go to war, shouldn't have the right enemy?